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October Event and Activities:

La semana de la Cinta Roja (Red Ribbon Celebration)
Community Prevention Conference
* Strengthening Families program (SFP)
* Uruguayos en EEUU

Addressing Public Health Problems of the 21st Century

* Poverty                   * Immigration

* HIV / AIDS              * Substance Abuse

* Social Services        * Information

* Mental Illness          * Access to Health

* Security                  * Evidence Based Practices

Frame of Reference

In the advancement of Community events, the American continent is being linked to other nations by a free trade economy, which helps increase opportunities, seek new strategies to eradicate poverty and promote social justice.

Epidemiology dictates that the distribution and frequency of a health problem is determined by risk factors. These vary with different groups, depending on their health concepts and protective patterns, such as moral values, religion, culture, language, education and information.

Consequently, the success of public health in a community is determined by understanding the protective factors, specially in this age of domestic and international travel, migration and communication.