Latin American Coalition for the Prevention of Addictions

is a community program of King David Foundation, Inc. for the Hispanic/Latino Communities.

Frame of Reference

The American continent is being linked by free trade in an economy that help nations work together to increase opportunities for their people. Furthermore, they seek strategies to eradicate poverty. Progress will promote opportunities for social justice, but It will also be necessary to have sound community models for education, health, and social services. Global change will come at the local level. Thus, any project intending to coordinate organizations and services to help people improve their lives must have direct interaction with the population served.

Epidemiology gas taught us that the distribution and frequency of a health problem is determined by risk factors. These determinants may vary from one group to the next, depending on concepts of health and sickness, life patterns, resources, and the way each connect to the available market. In the long run, the success of public health is determined by an understanding of the following protective factors for the population served:

* Moral Values     * Language
* Religion            * Education
* Culture             * Information

Therefore, the issues we will address are:

* Addiction in an equal opportunity dysfunction. It does not respect material status or achievements in life.

* For the prevention of addiction, It is necessary to identify in an individual the influence of the protective factor that is controlled by moral values, religion, culture, language and education.

* The epidemiological profile of a community's drug abuse consequences may be applied to allocation of resources for support programs. These systems will respond to the needs of the population, promote and evaluate activites, and prevent addictions.