About Us - King David Foundation, Inc


* Community Health promoters

* Prevention of HIV/AIDS, Addictions, mental illness, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, etc.

* Health education through use of multimedia.

* Coalition building to allocate resources adequately in communities. The Coalition brings together different agencies that work with the community to share experiences, advocate and promote allocation of funds, to expand and provide access to services for UN-deserved populations.

* Strengthening Families program to improve self-care. The Strengthening Families program (SFP) is a family skills training program designed to increase resilience and reduce risk behaviors in 6 to 12 years old kids at high risk. This includes behavioral, emotional, academic and social problems. SFP builds protective factors by improving family relationships, parenting skills, and social life skills for youths.

* Health fairs, workshops, counseling, testing and linking-to-care.

* Financial and legal assistance programs, immigration services.

* Epidemiology research, access to social services and evaluation.